Double Chocolate 4-Ingredient Dairy-Free Ice Cream


1. Place all ingredients, except toppings, in blender, and blend until smooth.
2. Pour into a freezer-safe container until solid.
3. Scoop into bowls, and top with more chocolate chips and sprinkles, enjoy!

Last weekend I finally began making my first dessert for my project. I decided to make this dairy free chocolate ice cream because it looked very delicious and easy to make. If you read my last blog, you would see that I recently went to the store and got my ingredients (which I will not list again). It was a very inexpensive list (mainly because it was only four ingredients) and I even had the bananas and coconut milk at home already! So I would definitely recommend this if you want to make a quick and easy dessert, that is also allergy friendly. I liked how all the ingredients blended easily and fast. However, I wish the instructions for making this dessert  weren’t as vague. If they had a little more direction, I would have known that you needed to put plastic wrap on the mix before it went in the freezer. But really, how was I, a beginner level cook, going to know to do that? If I hadn’t of done that however, I think that this dessert would have come out more like the picture. As far as I know, the mix tasted very good before it froze into ice cream, so I know that it would have tasted good in the end! I am glad that I made this dessert even though I failed, because I know that mistakes are going to happen during this project. What can I say, It was my first dessert out of five; so now I know not to make these mistakes again! In the future I think I will definitely try to make this dessert again, and maybe I’ll even change up the ingredients (and put plastic wrap on it when it freezes of course). Anyways, good luck, and hopefully you don’t make the mistake I did! 🙂

I rate this dessert a 6/10!

Thanks for reading! -Grace ♥

Here is the link for the website that inspired me to make this dessert:
























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